Saturday, December 27, 2008

Party Puppy Centerpieces

I think these centerpieces are my favorite experiment so far! They turned out better than I thought they would. The puppies, made from white chrysanthemums, seemed to be bouncing out of the bowls of pink carnations. No doubt they were excited about Holland's first birthday party! Their little paws seemed to peek over the front edge, and their little tails over the back. The puppies were complete with handmade paper party hats to celebrate the big birthday bash. I used plastic eyes (the kind used for teddy bears) and triangular buttons for noses. The silver pedestal bowls were about 8" in diameter, making the whole arrangements about 10" wide and 12" tall. The party goers went crazy over these centerpieces, as well as the matching puppy cupcakes (see other posts for photos!). It was such a fun party to get to decorate! (Thanks Steph!) Large puppy centerpieces as pictured, $35

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