Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spy Themed Birthday Cake

This cake was the bomb...literally. For this spy-themed party, I created a 2 tiered cake. The top layer was a chocolate cake baked in Wilton's 3D ball pan. I stuck the 2 halves together with frosting, iced the whole cake in vanilla buttercream and covered it with black fondant. The bottom layer was also a chocolate cake which I decorated with black and red triangles to mimic a super spy's tux. I added the writing with an edible marker, and since our birthday boy was turning 8, we replaced agent "007" with "008", and I added a fondant gun to create the Bond logo. I added a fondant fuse, which hid the support dowel that I pushed through both cakes. (I couldn't have the top tier rolling off the bottom in transit!) I'm just lucky I didn't have to deliver this cake to the airport...although who still uses this Wile E Coyote type device anymore? Still makes a cute cake. Besides, a cake with a brick of C4, a blue wire and a red wire attached to a wristwatch was way harder. I think I've been watching too many action movies... (Great, now Homeland Security is watching my blog!)

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