Monday, October 12, 2009

"Sweet" Girl Diaper Cakes

It was kind of refreshing to make a cake without turning on the oven this weekend! These diaper cakes are always fun to design, and my kitchen doesn't look like a tornado hit when I'm done. I made both cakes for a friend to give as gifts. The pink and green diaper cake has 2 tiers totalling 36 diapers (I always use Pampers Swaddlers - my favorite as a Mom). It includes 3 short sleeve onesies which are rolled and placed into cupcake liners around the cake. It also has 3 pairs of socks, which I rolled into roses and taped with floral tape onto a chenille stem. The cake topper is constructed out of baby lotion, baby wipes and baby powder. The overall theme was "cupcakes" (what can I say, I'm obsessed!) - I even made a card to match. The purple and brown cake was a bit bigger with 3 tiers and a total of 72 diapers. The theme for this cake was "sweets", so I rolled the 3 onesies into candy shapes and packaged each one in a cellophane wrapper. This cake also has 3 pairs of sock roses, plus 3 matching bibs which were tiered in the back of the cake. This cake also had a topper of baby lotion, wipes & powder. Each diaper cake sits on a clear plastic serving tray topped with a doily, and is finished with my signature cellophane wrap and big bow on top. My friend was shipping the bigger cake, so everything inside is secured with tape...hopefully it makes it to its final destination looking just as festive.

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