Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cal Poly Pomona Graduation Cake Collins School

This was another grad cake that I had made for my cousin who graduated from the Collins College of Hospitality Management program at Cal Poly Pomona.  The cake design was loosely based on the Cal Poly logo (white and green with a leaf).  Each side of the cake had different messages piped on in black with other logos: the school restaurant logo, the Hyatt hotels (with whom she's accepted a job offer) and   Texas (the place she moved to for said job).  The top of the cake was an architectural structure located on the Collins School campus (made with fondant and wire).  All details were molded from fondant and the logos were all hand drawn with edible markers on fondant.  Cake was champagne orange with vanilla custard and cookies & cream cake with chocolate custard.  

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