Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Louis Vuitton Purse Cake #3

So after outlet shopping recently with my girlfriends and making 3 Louis Vuitton purse cakes, I'm beginning to think that my husband has really been lucky that I have cheaper habits! You LV fans out there may recognize the "Alma" bag in "Monogram Multicolore" (yes, I do research for every cake!) I sculpted layers of my chocolate chocolate chip cake and sealed it with a layer of vanilla butter cream. Then I covered the cake with white fondant making patterns with wax paper. Once the base fondant is on, it's time to decorate. So I tinted beige fondant to resemble the leather details, and added strips around the bottom, near the handles and on one side for the side zipper. I added the stitching detail with a little wheel tool. Then I formed the purse handles around pipe cleaner and let them dry overnight. I make the zipper by pressing an actual zipper into a strip of fondant, then I cut around it, paint it with gold highlighter, and attach it to the fondant. The zipper pulls and gold rings on the handles were hand formed and painted gold. Then I added gold dragees to simulate the little studs around the purse. The final step was hand-painting all the LV logos on the fondant with various colors of luster dust paint. It turned out so cute that I may need a new bag!

This was a special cake for my sister-in-law's birthday, which my brother ordered (ahead of time!) and decided on the design (way to go, bro!) He said she was in "awe" when she saw it (although according to Facebook, that could have been the vodka shots with pinot noir chaser!) Even my dad was impressed. He told my mom that he knew I was good, but not "that good". And when dad appreciates a purse, that's a feat in itself. Hope it was a happy birthday E! And for Pete's sake, EAT IT already! I know it's pretty, but it's still CAKE! xoxo

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